Big Shake’s Hot Chicken and Fish


I was so excited to receive an invitation to last week’s opening of Big Shake’s Hot Chicken and Fish in Huntsville.  I invited my husband to join me, because we have frankly been craving hot chicken since our last trip to Nashville.  Well, now Huntsville residents can also get hot chicken whenever they want it!

Chef Shawn “Big Shake” Davis has been in the food industry for years.  He was also on 2011’s “Shark Tank” on ABC.  He originally opened Big Shake’s in Franklin, TN.  It has won Franklin’s Sizzle award for best hot chicken in 2016 and 2017.  Let me tell you, the food did not disappoint!

I tried the “cry baby” hot chicken, original fish, pinto beans and macaroni and cheese.


My husband had the original chicken, as well as the cry baby chicken, turnip greens, and pinto beans.


Everything was so tasty!  If you like a little spice, you will love Big Shake’s hot chicken.  However, if you are not a fan of “hot” food, the original fish and chicken were still amazing.  In fact, the original fish was probably my favorite.  All of our sides hit the spot, but I am craving the pinto beans as I write this post!  This is coming from a girl who wouldn’t consider herself a pinto beans person.  These are not your typical pinto beans or turnip greens.  They have just the right blend of spices that gives them both a little heat and tons of flavor!


I also enjoyed getting to meet the Chef himself and hear a little bit about how they chose Huntsville as a location.  He told us at the ribbon cutting that they had fallen in love with this area and knew you could not find this kind of food in Huntsville.  Luckily for us Huntsville natives, Big Shake’s is located off of Martin road right off of 565.  It’s an easy drive from the arsenal (as my husband can attest) and near the interstate.  It’s also not too far for those passing Huntsville on I65.


I, for one, am so glad I now have a yummy hot chicken place to visit locally.  My husband completely agreed that we would be visiting again soon.  Things that I plan on trying in the future: the chicken and waffles, the famous shrimp burger (that was featured on Shark Tank) and fried oreos (yes!).  Chef Shawn Davis and his wife Robin could not have been nicer.  Thank you for bringing your business to the Rocket City!

You can find Big Shake’s Hot Chicken and Fish at:

671 Martin Road SW Huntsville, AL

~ Laura