Friday Favorites: What We are Watching on Netflix

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For the first four years we were married we did not have cable. Since moving to New York we are back to using the digital antenna for local channels and streaming services like Netflix. After a day of hitting the streets with two small children, one of my favorite things to do is cook dinner, put the boys to bed, and curl up with my man to watch a show. Its relaxing for me and while we are just sitting on the couch, it is time together. I am always looking for a new show. So, I love to hear what people are watching ! Here is what we have been watching recently!


We just finished the first season of Stranger Things. This is not our typical show but I have to say it was captivating. I believe we watched the whole season in a mater of days…not sure what that says about us, but I believe it tells you how the show held our attention. Stranger Things is about a boy who goes missing and the quest to find him. Winona Ryder is the most famous cast member. Winona plays the mother of the missing boy and gives a wonderful performance. The show is very suspenseful. While sci-fi is not my usual forte I give this show two thumbs up.


Another Netflix original, Chef’s Table is an interesting documentary following five chefs each season and honoring the creativity and artistry in their cooking. We have watched both first and second seasons, I found both to be very interesting. If you do not watch any other episodes watch Francis Mallmann in season one, Ana Ros in season two and Enrique Olvera from season two. Francis Mallmann is a world renowned chef who  cooks almost exclusively with fire. I personally like Ana Ros for the simple reason that most of the chefs on the show are classically french educated and she is self-taught. Not only is Ana a self-made and self-taught chef, but she works with local ingredients in Slovenia where one has to get very creative with scarce culinary resources.  Enrique Olvera is a chef from Mexico who is taking what is preceived to be a relatively basic Mexican food and celebrating the complexity of the sauces and obundance of ingredients. As he said himself he is taking ingredients and presentation that you would find in the finest resturants and presenting it in ways like the taco that celebrate his culture. Enrique mentioned in his episode that he has a restaurant in New York. Let’s just say after watching his Chef’s Table episode I am dying to try it!

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend has been my “go to” lite show lately. It’s what I watch when my husband is working late, or the boys are down for nap. The plot of the show is about a successful lawyer who completely picks up and changes her life to pursue an ex-boyfriend. When she randomly bumps into an ex-boyfriend who casually suggests they should  get together sometime, she quits her job to move across the country to pursue a relationship with him only to find out he has a girlfriend. The show is full of light-hearted humor and will remind you of when we have all let our crazy get the best of us!

So all of this leads me to ask, what are you watching? What should I watch next?

Xoxo, Lindsey


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