A Day at the Musuem

Of course there are many reasons to love New York City, but one that I love as a mother of small children are all the wonderful kid-friendly museums! A friend recommended that we get the NYC ID after moving to the city. It is basically an ID for people living in New York City. This is not just any ID though, because it allows you to get into many museums for free! Since getting our ID, we have been hitting up the Museum of Natural History weekly. All I have to do is show my ID and voila, we have our tickets. I went to this museum on a family vacation and a few times since then when visiting the city. I must say I have come a log way from laughing at the naked Indian statues as a preteen with my sister and have a new appreciation for the history of our world as I watch my almost three year old’s eyes light up at each exhibit. We recently took my in-laws to the museum on their visit to the city. They loved it but had to have the mind-set that they would come back because it is far to big to see in one day!

Here are a few pictures from a recent visit.

What are your favorite museums to visit in the city?


Loaded up and ready to go. Queue… “you see me rollin”



He watched the whole movie on coral!


Little man taking it all in.

What’s better than a trip to the museum? A trip to the musuem followed by hot chocolate at Le Pain Quotidien and walking up Central Park West to the Diana Ross Playground!




I would say we had a great day! See you next week Museum.

Xoxo, Lindsey

P.s. If you plan to visit the city with kids… scope out where the play grounds are. There are tons of playgrounds in the city. It’s a great way for you to people watch and the kiddos to play out some energy for a good stroller nap!


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