Friday Favorites

Mini Van Meg


We are teaming up with Mary over at to give away a fabulous Kylie Jenner lip kit! Check out our Instagram for details! Also, click on over to Mary’s site! I am lucky to call her family! Mary, her husband Sam and their two children live outside of DC. Sadly I have not joined the minivan club like Laura and Mary but when I do I hope I can make it look as cool. Her blog is an encouragement to young mothers like me! She talks about everything from travel to kids crafts. Definitely check her out here!

Carpool Kareoke

Because I have watch this video at least three times…. You are in for some laughs!

“Hey boo boo, what are you thinking club wise?”

Rodan and Fields


My friend Lillie gave me a sample of this micro-dermabrasion paste a few months ago. I am usually pretty hesitant to switch up my skin care routine! Well let me say, I love this product. It leaves your face with an almost silky feeling! You are only supposed to use it once or twice a week. With that said, it will take me some time to go through this bottle. Initially I thought it would be too pricey for me to justify buying. This product is becoming my favorite splurge! Contact my friend Lillie about your skin care needs! She is a great girl and also has fabulous skin as a testimony to these products!  Check her out: Here

Corkcicle Bottle


Ever since I had kidney stones I have been trying to drink more water! I found this bottle at a local boutique. It is similar to a Yeti but it comes in the fabulous pink color and is much more affordable! I put ice in it yesterday at 4:00pm. When I opened it this morning at 5:30am to take a sip it was still cold! I gave my mother-in-law one for her birthday and she uses it to take a cup of afternoon coffee to work!

Walmart Grocery Pickup

After seeing several friends post about the convenience of grocery pick up from Walmart, I decided to check it out for myself.  I just googled Walmart grocery pick up and it took me to their website.  I was able to look up by my zip code whether the service was available for my area.  To my delight, it was available and so easy!  You just pick out your groceries online, check out and pick your pickup time at your closest Walmart.  I will point out that you need to order them a day in advance.  I usually spend the night before my grocery shopping making a list anyways.  This is like making an online list and cutting out the shopping part.  I have only done it for two weeks, but it has made my life so much easier.  Also, you just call when you drive up for your pick up time, and they actually come out and load the groceries for you! It doesn’t get much better than that.  Just make sure to check your area.  They don’t have it everywhere yet, but I bet it will keep growing!

 xoxo~ Lindsey and Laura


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