Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods and there is nothing like flowers budding and birds chirping to remind you of the beauty of life. As Laura said last week, life has been busy. With things slowing down this week I am committing to take in each moment and enjoy the longer days with my boys!


A week ago I had the honor of hosting some of my family for Easter. With the passing of our grandmother two weeks ago, this year was a little different. After weeks of company and family around my mom said I could host to switch things up with this year being different. Hosting seemed a little daunting considering I come from a family of wonderful hostesses! But nevertheless I pulled out my China, set the table, and began to plan my menu. In our family, the staples are ham, deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese, and strawberry cake. All of that mixed with an assortment of casseroles and desserts makes for full bellies and good naps.

Here are a few pictures taken the night before.


This Easter was different but no less meaningful! It may have been a smaller gathering in a different place but the joy we have in the resurrection was more prevalent then ever. Though it was another day where we were reminded of the sadness on being separated with our love one in death, it also reminded me that because of the resurrection we have the hope of being together again one day!

xoxo, Lindsey


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