Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 11

Man, what a crazy week!  I think Jen Hatmaker’s status said it best: Taking Care of Ourselves.  We have also had a lot going on with the health of our grandmother this week.  Even though our Friday Favorites can seem trivial right now, it is important to remember the fun, small things that bring a smile to our face this week.

Perfect Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


I decided to make a cake last month for the Super Bowl.  I searched the internet for the best chocolate icing to put with the yellow cake my husband requested.  I found this recipe, and it is to die for.  I also love that it makes more than enough icing for a cake.  I hate when I make icing and it is not quite enough to cover the mistakes I inevitably make while icing the cake.  This recipe makes plenty, and you will be glad to have that much to eat!  Here is the link: Buttercream Chocolate Frosting.


Chatbooks is an app that makes pictures books.  They are only $8 and you get 30 pages (one picture per page).  The great thing is that you can use pictures from social media.  I started out by doing some pictures of my son’s first year of life. It turned out so cute!  This is a great way to document when I don’t have a lot of time.

Metal Letters


We are redoing our den to get our house ready to sell.  I needed something to go on a wall where I got rid of a dark, heavy picture.  I found big metal letters at Hobby Lobby last week half off (you can pretty much find anything there half off if your timing is right).  I got enough letters to spell out HOME.  I really love them and plan on taking them to our next house too.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Well, my husband and I have been into this show for a while now.  This is not a new discovery.  However, we quickly watched the first six seasons on Netflix last year.  We just started watching the seventh season this week, because they released it later.  With all the political and social turmoil going on right now, this show has been a little sunshine this week.  We haven’t watched a good comedy in a while, and I forgot how good it can be for the soul.  Side note:  Don’t judge the whole series on the short first season.  It gets so much better from the second season on.  If you don’t know who Little Sebastian is, you are missing out!

Favorite Things Party

I went to a party this week at a friend’s house, and I thought it was the cutest idea.  You had to bring something that was a favorite for you.  I just had to share.  Below are the rules:

Per Katy…This is how the fave things swap goes:

1. We each bring three of the same item ($5-10).
2. Keep the items unwrapped.
3. Everyone is assigned a number. You’ll put the same number on each of your items. I’ll bring stickers to number the items.
4. One at a time, draw a number and whatever item is assigned to that number is the item you get!
5. Repeat step 4, two more times until everyone has three different items!

During the first round, as your item gets picked, you’ll explain what you brought and why it’s your favorite.

It was so much fun! I came home with a bottle of street relieving lotion, a ring and nail polish.

Have a happy Friday!

~ Laura and Lindsey


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