My Friend Maribeth And Why You Need to Read Her Story

Maribeth 2

Today’s post is not really meant to highlight my writing, but it is more to direct you to my friend’s blog so you can hear her story for yourself.  My friend Maribeth (a special friend since high school) has the strongest faith of anyone I know.  A couple of year ago I got to be apart of her wedding weekend, and my husband and I both left saying that it was the most uplifting wedding we had ever been part of.  You cannot be around her or her husband Kyle without having a sense that you just encountered someone who really got what faith is all about.  Maribeth has been a missionary, spent her Friday nights praying with strippers and prostitutes in Atlanta, and has a huge heart for underprivileged children.

This past November she had something happen that shouldn’t happen to any mother.  She lost her baby girl at full term.  I could spend my blog going through the story, but it is better coming from her own words.  I am leaving a link to her blog.  Please read the first post “Opal’s Birth Story”  and the second post about what caused this.  I think it is important to read both because 1. Maribeth and Kyle are inspirations to me and a testament of real faith.  Also, Opal’s story deserves to be heard.  2. It is important to bring awareness to what caused this, and Maribeth so eloquently explains everything.  Here is a link to her blog: My Mamas Heart.

I cried through her post, but I learned so much about what faith looks like in the face of adversity.  I hope you can read and learn about her heart.  Every word I have heard from Maribeth since going through this has blown me away.  From her texts about gratitude for this experience to her beautiful words about grief, she has set an amazing example.  This is really a beautiful story that I am sharing from my heart today.

~ Laura

P.S. I went pretty old school with this picture…


3 thoughts on “My Friend Maribeth And Why You Need to Read Her Story

  1. Laura

    I dont think that I’ve met Maribeth but I think my brother knows her from Auburn. I’ve been following along with her blog and it is just so beautiful, heart-wrenching, and convicting to see a faith lived out so honestly and openly. So glad you shared.

    I also like following along with your blog!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing the link to blog. Even though I’m sure I will cry, I want to read it. I, unfortunately, know too many moms that have lost babies, and they all deserve to have their stories told. They will not be forgotten.


  3. This year, I learned about the difference of folic acid and folate. It was an eye opener! I can’t make all my homemade recipes so I was thrilled to find where I could buy household products that are organic and free of harmful chemicals non gmo. Toothpaste and mouthwash ingredients were also shocking to me. Just read the back label. No wonder we have so many ailments and deaths. I’m so sorry you lost your little Angel! I pray God blesses you richly!


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