The Stress of Needing More



I started off 2016 by saying I wanted 2016 to be the year my life became more minimal. With the materialistic world we live in, I wanted 2016 to be the year I had less stuff and more special moments. I made the resolution, told those close to me, bought the how-to book, and here I am over a month into the new year with very little change. I guess life has happened and in the process I have forgotten my resolution.

So here I sit looking at a pile of clean laundry on my dining room table and clueless to how I am going to stuff it into my full dresser and crammed closet. My drawers are stuffed to the brim with old t-shirts I have kept for “memories,” that old dress I might be able to fit into after I lose the baby weight, and outfits I some how thought were appropriate many moons and many pounds ago. Oh and not just the pile of clothes, let’s talk about the kids “stuff.” I could go on and on.

The other night my husband and I were talking about our “prekid” life. The life where we traveled more and dreamed of moving to a big city. We talked about the time we dreamed about selling our cars and our furniture and moving to Europe! It was such a fantasy we had that we looked for months for jobs. We joked we could never do that now because we have kids but also it would be such an adjustment to not have all of our “stuff” (aka the things we have accumulated in our quest for the “American Dream”).

It starts out very innocently. For us it started out with now we have big boy and big girl jobs, we need better cars. Then we need a house. Now we have a house, we need to redo it to make it better. Now that we have a kid, we need a bigger house so we have a place to put all the toys. Now that we have a bigger yard, we need more stuff to keep it up. Now that we have a bigger house, we need new furniture to fill it. Now that we have a second kid, we need a bigger house so we can still have a guest room. Wait, now all of a sudden my car is not big enough because we have more children and need more space. Isn’t that exhausting? More more more. Always looking to the next big thing we think or society tells us we need.

Our church recently had our Missions Sunday. It was such an encouragement to me and my husband and a reminder of what is really important. We heard a story of a couple that has moved themselves and their three children to Turkey to spread the good news of Jesus to the people of Turkey. I walked away feeling challenged to step out in faith but also to give up some of the “stuff” so we can give more.

We have been so blessed and I want to be more giving from that blessing, but to also cherish more moments with my children rather then being so tied down to my to do lists and stuff.

This is a little something that has been on my heart lately. I know it is not a bad thing to have nice things or the house we want, but I do not want to be so tied down to my things and the dreams I have for my life that I do not miss if God is calling us to something bigger or different.

So I sit here over a month into the new year and really wanting to hit the restart button on my New Years resolution! This week I start with getting rid of the clothing clutter! Onto more moments and less things…. Coffee is brewing, babies are napping and momma is dreaming! So today I am one step closer to letting go of the stress of needing more. Instead, I want to step out in faith and say, “God I am not sure why you are stirring my heart in this way, but I want to trust more in you and less in my abilities to ‘build’ our life.”

Xoxo, Lindsey

How are you doing with your new year resolutions?


4 thoughts on “The Stress of Needing More

  1. Great post, Lindsey! I have seen so many bloggers creating “wardrobe capsules” lately, in an effort to minimize their “stuff,” and I have thought it would be so neat to do that but don’t even know where to begin. Sometimes the “stuff” can be a little overwhelming. haha


  2. I was really touched by this post. Recently my husband and I moved across the country with only the stuff we could fit in our hatchback, and I thought it would was the perfect solution to force me to be a minimalist. But just as you described, stuff is creeping in and I feel like we’ve already accumulated and bought more than we need. So this was a sweet reminder of what really matters, and what our lives can be without excess. Thank you.


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