Making Valentine’s Day Fun For Kids


Lindsey and I got together last weekend.  We were working on our own Valentine’s Day decor when we decided to take some of the fabric at Hobby Lobby and make the boys their own table cloth and fun Valentine’s Day party.  We even bought flameless candles for their table.


They helped us decorate sugar cookies and were super excited to dig in.  I wish I could describe the cuteness going on at their table.




Later on in the week Tays made Valentine’s Day cards for his grandparents that we were going to see that week.  All it took was some card stock, crayons, and stamps to give him an afternoon activity.  He was so proud of his handprint inside the card.  Although these weren’t super crafty cards, his pride in showing them to his grandparents made them all worth it.  And, it was time well spent.


We tried to give the boys some activities from cookie decorating to card making.  We hope this gave them more of a sense of ownership in the new holiday.  How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids?

~ Laura


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