Friday Favorites

friday favorites 10

After sick kids and a crazy-busy week (another post coming soon), we are finally back to blogging about our Friday favorites.  We have been saving up some things that we are currently crazy about.  What are you loving this week?  Happy Friday!

1. Fixer Upper


Okay, I know this show has been around for a while.  I watched one episode on HGTV one time.  Then, Netflix recently posted the whole first season.  I am kind of obsessed.  This show is giving me delusional dreams about redoing a house.  The main couple that fixes up these houses is also adorable.  A very good Netflix find!

2.Chi Rocket Low EMF

Chi Rocket

My mother in law bought me this blow dryer for Christmas, and oh my goodness!  I have extremely thick hair and blow drying my hair is usually a long chore.  I never thought to buy a nicer blow dryer.  This has pretty much cut my blow drying time in half.  It’s not a cheap buy, but I would argue it is worth every penny.  I am so glad I have been introduced  to a nicer hair dryer.

3. The Smocking Bug

There aren’t many things we like better in the South than a cute smocked outfit on our child.  There are a lot of Facebook groups out there where you can order outfits, but we think The Smocking Bug (right out of South Alabama) has the cutest options.  Not to mention, they are also affordable.  They had their first summer pre-order going on this past week.  Although that order is closed, the next summer pre-order is in March.  It makes me happy just scrolling through these adorable clothes!  Here’s the link to the Facebook page: The Smocking Bug

4. Georgette Heyer Books

georgette heyer

I read last year on a book blog that if you liked Jane Austen, you would like Georgette Heyer.  I have actually heard her name in the book community for years.  I decided to read the book recommended on the blog “The Grand Sophy.”  It was so good, and I now have read five Georgette Heyer books in the last six months.  Her books are, for the most part, set in Regency England (she was considered an expert on the time period) even though she wrote most of them in the 1930’s – 1960’s.  Her books are fast-paced, funny and clean.  I wanted some fun reading over the holidays and read a couple of her books.  My grandmother is now on a Georgette Heyer kick too.  I had to share for anyone who enjoys funny and romantic books.  The good news is that there are plenty of her books to keep you entertained for a while.  My new favorite is “Cotillion.”  I laughed the whole way through.

5. The Handmade Home

We actually know who the author of this blog is because she is based in our hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.  Although The Handmade Home has been a phenomenon for a while, we have recently really enjoyed their store and sales.  I am obsessed with this print they are selling Across America Map for a kid’s room.  Their blog is all about how they made their home special for them.  It has been featured on countless websites and shows.  It has given me some good ideas about sprucing up my home and serves as inspiration.  Once you click on the website, you won’t be able to stop looking.  Enjoy: The Handmade Home.

~ Laura and Lindsey


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Great list. I’ve been in the market for a new blow drier. I’m ready to invest in a good one!! I’ve seen the Chi. I have the Chi straightener and love it. Hmmm, maybe time to give it a shot?!


  2. I would love it if anyone wants to check out my smocked pre-order group on Facebook! We have a pre-order going on right now. It’s The Trendy Toddler Smocked 🙂


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