The Perfect Party Bunting!

Last week I blogged about a baby shower I recently hosted at my house. When planning decorations for the party, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration. After seeing a picture with a similar ribbon bunting, I got a slight crafty hair and decided to head to Hobby Lobby. With my sister in law in toe to help, we found some really cute fabrics to make our ribbon bunting for the party.


First, we cut a little slit every one inch on the fabric.


Then we began tearing the fabric to give the right look to the strips.




I cut a long strip  of burlap fabric I used for another project to tie the fabric onto.

Next, we began tying the fabric onto the burlap strip.



(and momma needs a manicure….badly)




And the end result! I pinned the bunting all the way around my dining room table, and it was the perfect shabby chic accessory! Check out the table here.

xoxo, Lindsey

These photos were taken by Lex & Lee Photography.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Party Bunting!

  1. Going from 1 to 2 kids is hard, I’ve done it before too. I’ve noticed that it’s gotten easier to divide my attention between them as they’ve gotten a little older (3&4) and call me crazy…but I want to add a 3rd!


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