The House on Park, The Boy’s Room



November and December were very busy months for our family. January is proving to be less eventful, and that is a welcome change as we adjust to being a family of four. In anticipation of the baby’s arrival, we began to work on George’s “big boy room.” We heard mixed things about transitioning a two year old to a big boy bed, but in an effort to not buy a second crib we thought we would give it a try. The process then began of turning the spare room into the “boys room.”


Both of the images above were taken by Allison Hilyer Photography.

First we selected the paint color for the walls. We chose Tapestry Beige by Benjamin Moore. Knowing that the decor in this room will probably evolve with the boys, I wanted a true neutral. This color has proved to be just that! The color is warm and yet light, it also goes well with grey and tan. It really is a perfect neutral!


The beds were purchased from a local antique store. I love the the traditional look of the beds and thought they would be pieces we could use for many years to come. They could transition well to a guest room or even a girls room one day. Also, in anticipation of George and William Sport sharing a room one day, two matching beds would be just lovely!

The bedding was bought at TJ Maxx. There is nothing better then walking into TJ Maxx and finding something you actually need for a great price. Each bedding set was only $29.99. Can I get a woo hoo?


The plane prints were found on Etsy and the frames and matting were purchased from Target. The table between the beds was found on sale at Target along with the lamp!




This room is becoming one of my favorite rooms in the house. Some of my sweetest moments with George unfold in this room. From singing songs while he gets dressed after bath, to reading to him in the bed, to me inching out of the bed as he fall asleep at night. It’s a room special to my heart and the memories made in it are what make a house a home!

xoxo, Lindsey


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