The Art of Waking Up Early (and why I have to stop failing at it)


We said we would spend some time in January blogging about resolutions.  Well, I didn’t originally put waking up earlier on my resolution list.  However, I did put making my bed, being more consistent with my quiet time and being more productive on those lists.  Waking up early seems to help with all of those things.

At the beginning of last week, I decided one morning to wake up an hour before everyone because I had some things I had to get done before taking my son to preschool.  I even made my coffee the night before.  I know some of you do this every morning.  It is really easy as a stay at home mom to assume you have all the time in the world to get yourself together when you wake up with the kids.  Most mornings when I wake up when my son wakes up I am still groggy, and I do not turn into a productive person until after my coffee sets in 30 minutes later (that is if I feel like making the coffee as soon as I get up).


Waking up an hour earlier than my household last week was an epiphany for me.  I felt ready to go and give my children the things they needed when they woke up because I had some quiet time of my own and my coffee had fully kicked in.  Plus, I was completely ready to get started on the day.

This time is something I desperately need and want to work on.  The past few days have been much harder.  It is hard to make yourself go to bed early, and it is hard to get up when that one hour of sleep sounds so good in the moment.  However, I have noticed that my day seems to start so much slower on the days I sleep in.  Breakfast in front of the tv? Sure. Taking my time to get moving? You bet!

Although I stay at home, we have to get ready to go either to preschool or our Bible study three mornings out of the work week.  Sometimes it feels like I am barely making it with two young kids and getting them out of the house on time (clothed, fed and diaper bag/back pack properly packed).  It’s a miracle if I actually fix my hair.  I know that making waking up early a regular practice can make a huge difference in just the sense of peace and organization I feel every day.  So, I’m putting it out there on the blog and hope to get back on the band wagon tomorrow.  This went from not being on my resolution radar to maybe being my number one resolution.  Yes, this is so simple, but I need to make it a habit.  21 days of practice makes a habit, right?  I need to make that commitment starting tomorrow!

Any tips for how you make yourself get moving in the morning?  Making the pot of coffee beforehand did help.  I’m all ears!



4 thoughts on “The Art of Waking Up Early (and why I have to stop failing at it)

  1. I wish I could get up before my kids in the morning, but they wake up really early .I’d have to get up before 5 am, and that’s not going to happen . Maybe when they start preschool, they sleep a little later .I hope!


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