A Day In New Orleans


Last week I met my husband down near New Orleans for his graduation from the NASA First Leadership Program (did I mention he works for NASA?).  He got selected for this program last year, and we have been so proud of him.  It is such a huge honor, and I was so glad to be there last week and see their hard work rewarded.

We also decided to spend an extra day down in Louisiana while we were kid free.  Isn’t it funny how you cannot wait to have some kid free time, but then you spend half of the time missing the kids?  With only one day to explore New Orleans, we decided to try a restaurant that was recommended by Southern Lady Magazine.  It was in the Uptown area of New Orleans.  We parked about a mile away and walked around.  The houses were so cute and looked like what you would expect to see in New Orleans.



Domilise’s was the perfect place for a shrimp po-boy after walking around for a while.  We discovered that this restaurant has been graced by the likes of Anderson Cooper and the Manning’s.  It was crowded the day we were there, but we were told by another local that there is usually a line out the door.


We love good food and hole in the wall restaurants, and this hit the spot.



The shrimp was crispy and delicious, and the bread tasted so fresh.  After doing some inquiring, I discover that the bread is delivered fresh every moving from Leidenheimer Baking Company.


Next, we went down to the French Quarter and the famous Jackson Square.






This was my first time in New Orleans since I was a kid and we visited the Aquarium.  New Orleans is such a mix of culture and history.  It truly is a unique place.  We could have spent days exploring New Orleans.  Next on my list for a visit: the Garden District and the World War II museum.  I loved the architecture and beauty of downtown and the French Quarter.

Our last stop before we hit the road was the famous Cafe Du Monde.



I told my husband that I got hungry just looking at the picture of the po-boys and beignets.  The beignets were so yummy and the coffee was strong and perfect before a long drive.


We got a beautiful view of the city on our walk back to the car.


~ Laura


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