Mooresville, AL

My husband and I moved to Huntsville, Alabama five and a half years ago.  We have been told for five and a half years that we should visit the quaint town of Mooresville, Alabama (about 30 minutes outside of Huntsville).

When you live in a town that is not your hometown, it is always nice when someone from home moves near you.  My friend from high school, Kara, recently moved to North Alabama.  It is always so nice to get together with someone who brings a little piece of home to my new home.  Plus, we have kids around the same age, so there is a mutual understanding that chaos will probably ensue (and we can enjoy our time with no judgment).

Kara called me recently and suggested we go meet for coffee with the kids in Mooresville.  I was all too happy to oblige, because I had been wanting to really explore it for so long!  Kara and her mom had spent a Saturday there recently and loved it.


Mooresville was founded in 1818, and not much about the small little town has changed.  Kara and I met at the JaVa coffee shop on a beautiful Fall day.  It had the small town charm you would expect.



It got the hazelnut latte, which was tasty and pretty.  Kara and I also got the croissant with apple and gouda.  It was so good!  This was the perfect place to spend time with a friend in good conversation.



After getting coffee, we walked around the small, shaded town with our double strollers.  Mooresville has some beautiful old churches and homes. The whole town looks like you took a step back in time.








Our last stop was “Lyla’s Little House.”  This adorable house is full of baked goods and an ice cream parlor, as well as a few gifts.  Lyla herself was there, and gave our kids a sweet treat.  I bought one of the miniature pound cake and biscotti.  They were both delicious.  This was a really nice stop and good way to end the morning.




Mooresville has a Holiday Home Tour and Progressive Dinner every year around Christmas.  Here is the link with information: Holiday Home Tour. The tour for 2015 is this Saturday.  If you have a free afternoon or day, head over to Mooresville.  You will not regret it!

~ Laura


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