What We Are Thankful For: William Sport Starkie

I got a call at 2:30 am Sunday from Lindsey.  She was having contractions and thinking about going to the hospital.  I rushed down to Montgomery Sunday afternoon to make it to the birth of Lindsey and Ben’s second child.  I found a calm and serene Lindsey at 5:00 pm.


An hour later, she was ready to push.  I was honored to be in the room with the proud parents to see the miracle of birth.  Soon William Sport Starkie made his debut in the world after his mom worked really hard to have a successful vbac.


He weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces (just an ounce lighter than his brother George was when he was born).  He was also 19 and a half inches long.


He is perfect.  Is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby?  We are thanking God for this little angel and his safe arrival.


So, on this Thanksgiving week, this is what we are most thankful for in our family.  William Sport Starkie is a family name, and this precious baby will be called Sport.

Lindsey will have a vbac post coming soon.  Thank you for reading.  Happy Thanksgiving week!

~ Laura


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