Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 3

Our New Logo

We are excited to debut our new logo today.  We have wanted a logo for a while, and it has just become a reality recently.  Thank you to Jenna Bell for the idea about the placement and look of the words, and thank you to Cheree Moore who is an awesome graphic designer and made it happen.  She has been so patient with us over the last few weeks and gave us a lot of different options.  We are just excited to see it up!



Adele’s new album “25”  drops today.  I preordered it a couple of weeks ago, so it was a nice surprise to get a message from iTunes this morning that it was dropped into my music today.  We are those people, like so many others, that belted out “21”  with a ridiculous amount of passion.  We have already been singing “Hello”  (the first single from the album) all the time, so if the rest of the album brings that much joy we will be happy.



A friend of mine (Abbie Greer) is selling Nerium, and I have been using the Age-Defying Night Cream for the last couple of weeks.  I have to say that I can already see a difference in my skin.  The thing I really like about Nerium is that it helps with skin discoloration, as well as tightens the skin.  I inherited sun spots from my grandmother, and I can tell that it has already helped to smooth out the color in my face a little.  Plus, it’s never too early to prevent wrinkles.  You can check it out or contact Abbie through this site:

The Cartwheel App

Many of you probably already know about the Target Cartwheel App.  We are new to the band wagon, but we had to talk about it on the blog.  There are so many great deals and coupons you can get from this app.  For instance, we got a coupon there today for 50% off kids’ toys.  That kind of stuff will come in handy this time of the year!  Check it out: Cartwheel App.

Helping Paris


Like so many of you, our hearts have been broken over the Paris attacks.  We sat glued to our TV screens Friday night as we watched this terror play out.  I saw this article on Facebook Saturday: How To Help The Paris Attack Victims from  Our humanity causes us to want to reach out in some way.  These ideas are small but they can go a long ways.  Our prayers continue to be with Paris.

~ Laura and Lindsey


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