A Holiday Excursion: Opryland Hotel


Looking for somewhere to visit around the holidays for beautiful decorations and comfort?  If you leave in the Southeast, you have to visit the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.  Those of you who have been know that this is not your ordinary hotel.  This is a complex with restaurants, waterfalls, sweeping atriums and gorgeous plants.  You could spend your whole day just walking around with no need to leave the hotel. I have known friends who drive to the hotel during this time of the year just to walk around.

My husband and most of his immediate family work for the government in some form or another, and they all had Veteran’s Day off (yes, my husband gets amazing time off and I’m not complaining).  So, my sister in law planned a trip for all of us to go to the Opryland Hotel for a night.  We were excited because many of the Christmas decorations were already out!


The official Opryland Christmas “A Country Christmas” starts in a couple of days on November 20th.  This is when all of the lights will be turned on and you can attend different live Christmas shows.  There is also an area with ice sculptors and ice slides that your kids will love!

Even without the lights all turned on, there were still plenty of Christmas decorations to look at.  Our two year old had a blast running around with his cousins and looking at all of the decorations and fountains.






This place is so huge that they even have a boat ride in the middle of the resort.  As you can see below, there was some serious cousin love going on during that boat tour.


We will definitely be going back to the Opryland Hotel in the future to enjoy the holidays.  If you love to shop, the Opry Mills Mall is right next door, plus there is always plenty of fun to be had in Nashville!  Also, just an FYI, if you also work for the government, there is a discount you can receive when you stay at the hotel if you bring your badge.

I’ll leave you with a link to the video from the Opryland Hotel website featuring their Christmas festivities:  A Country Christmas.

~ Laura


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