Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 2

After the fun we had coming up with our Friday favorites last week, we decided to bring it back.  So, here are our favorites for this week:

CMA Awards

Unless you been living under a rock this week, I am sure you have heard people talking about the CMA awards! The CMA’s always leave us with something to talk about. If you are like me you watched feeling slightly sad to see Miranda and Blake sitting separately…. ah we had such hope for them. Or maybe your sadness has turned to anger after reading the tabloids that Blake Shelton is not only dating Gwin Stefani, but they are expecting a child together! Ok, enough of my rant and on to my favorite part of the show! I have not been able to stop listening to this song!! While I am not a promoter of drinking away your sorrows, something about this song is just awesome! I love how he starts out with, “can we get a little Memphis up in here?” I just felt like this performance brought a depth to the show. Justin is just fabulous and we were all blown away by Chris Stapleton. The music was really good, and let’s just say I watch wishing I was in his band by the end of it.  If you have not seen it already watch the link above and you will be singing along like me.

Affordable Booties


I am a little obsessed with booties right now.  I want a pair in every color to go with every outfit.  Like a lot of you, I cannot go out and spend high dollar on every pair I want.  That is why I am so thankful for the internet and affordable booties.  I recently found the booties above ranging from $23.74 to $39.95.  Whether you like these booties or not, there are plenty of other affordable options on Amazon right now.  Here is the link to these booties: Bella Marie Brenda.

Babylit 8 Book Bundle

Baby Lit books

We have both been checking out the Babylit classic books for children and have been discussing buying them for our babies for Christmas.  We are so excited that for the next couple of days you can buy a groupon for for an eight book bundle that gives you 50% off.  The books take classic works and turn them into lessons for young children.  This is such a cool idea!  We had to share the groupon, so grab them while they last.  This will be one of my kid’s Christmas presents.  Here is the groupon link: BabyLit 8-Book Bundle.

Perfect Pasty Crust


As much as we love to put original recipes on our blog, when you find the perfect pie crust recipe you have to share it. I have been making this crust for a little while now and it is amazing. I do it in the food processor, like the recipe instructs, and it always turns out so well. When feeling in a “get things done” mood recently, I made up several crusts and froze them in anticipation of the upcoming holidays! Why reinvent the wheel when you find something so good? Why buy premade crusts when it is this simple? Make this your holiday pie crust recipe this Thanksgiving or Christmas and you will be a hit!  Thank you Southern Living.  Here is the link: Perfect Pastry Crust Recipe.

Holiday Pajamas

Target Holiday Pajamas

With the holidays just around the corner, my husband and I have been trying to think of fun ways to create our own family traditions for our little crew. While browsing on my Target App, I stumbled upon these Christmas pajamas that come in sizes for the whole family. After a little negotiating with my husband, I ordered them for our little family. I think it will be fun to all open our matching pajamas on Christmas Eve! I picture us cozied up on the couch, fireplace lit, in our pajamas watching a Christmas movie while drinking hot chocolate. With a two year old it will probably look more like mayhem, but at least we will all be wearing our fabulous pajamas!  Here is the link: Holiday Pajamas.

World Adoption Day

While we are not adopted, we have so many friends who are, as well as friends who are now adopting.  Our hearts are so touched by those who do the selfless act of adoption.  Monday was World Adoption Day, and we are glad that there is now a day dedicated to adoption that is celebrated on social media.  One adoptive mother I know posted this quote from Jody Landers on Facebook: “A child born to another woman calls me mommy. The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me.”  How beautiful!

Happy Friday! What made you happy this week?

~ Lindsey and Laura


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