A Little Memphis and Muddy’s

I love a good road trip, and I have been determined to still travel and explore after having babies.  We may make it seem seamless on the blog (traveling with kids), however, it has gotten tough.  There are many stops on the side of the road to find a paci or nurse, as well as many hours packing and unpacking kid’s clothing.  But I do feel very blessed to have the time and flexibility to go see family and good friends during important moments of their lives (and a minivan and understanding husband).

So, when my friend Jackie recently had a baby, I made sure to book a time to go visit her in Memphis and “help” out.  I’m not sure how much help I was with two kids two and under, but luckily our friendship is on a comfort level that doesn’t require perfection.  I headed West to Memphis last Thursday down a familiar road.  My sister lived in Memphis for over a year, and I now have friends who live there as well.  I have become quite fond of the place.  Memphis has character and history.  I also love the area of Memphis that Jackie lives in and my sister lived in: East Memphis.  Nestled near the University of Memphis, it is an area of beautiful trees and older houses.

I told Jackie that this was not a trip where we had to get out of the house.  With a newborn and two young kids, I planned on just hunkering down in her home for a couple of days, holding her sweet baby and having some good chat time.  Things sure do change when kids get in the mix.  However, we made one exception to get out of the house.  We went to one spot of Memphis I had never been to before, despite my newfound familiarity.  We visited the famous Muddy’s Bake Shop.  Not only did Jackie rave about it, but my sister and an old co-worker had told me about it too.


It is so full of color and comfort.  In my pre-kids life, I could have easily spent a couple of hours in Muddy’s reading or chatting with a friend over coffee or tea.  Post kids, we picked out our pastries and bribed Tays with cookies to sit still so we could enjoy our little moment out of the house.




Lyla and sweet little Mercy slept tight in their carries.  It can be tiring for a one month old to take her first trip out to Muddy’s.


My personal favorite was the Strawberry Fields Forever cupcake because the frosting was so delicious.  We also took home some Oreo Puddin’ for after supper that night, and all I can say is yum!  I will hopefully be frequenting Muddy’s again on another Memphis trip because of the sweet treats and inviting atmosphere.  They also have cakes, pies, muffins and vegan options.


This won’t be the last time I visit Memphis, and I cannot wait to see what I find on my next trip.  Here’s to friends, babies and still making time for coffee and dessert.

~ Laura


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