Keep Calm and Drink Coffee


My morning usually starts with hearing the sweet voice of my two year old running in our room saying, “it’s me George.” I stumble out of bed and begin our morning routine. This morning began no differently.

Being nine months pregnant and suffering from some light insomnia, I have been stumbling straight to the coffee pot. It’s my little piece of morning comfort. I might be barely able to open my eyes but I know that by the time I finish my coffee I will be on the right path to normal daily functions.

As we patiently (or not so patiently) await the arrival of our second child, life has been so busy lately I have not taken the time to sit and just soak in this moment. I can only compare my current emotions with a quote from Prince William in his prewedding interview. (as you may or may not have picked up yet, my sister and I are slightly royal family obsessed) Hear beautiful british accent…, “We’re like sort of ducks, very calm on the surface with little feet going under the water.”

www.strollthroughthesouth.comI may appear to be calm on the surface but deep down I am beginning to feel anxiety. If I am being honest my biggest fear is for my two year old George. Tell me this is normal? I fear not about his well being but more about the adjustment to life with another baby. With every rock, cuddle, or book time, I feel like I am grieving just a little for our time of just being the two of us. With shame I admit that the thought crossed my mind the other day, “can I ever love another child as much as I love him?” Yes, I know this is a silly fear but one that has become real recently. Then I have my moments, usually between trying to get him to sleep in his big boy bed and when he is in time out where I think, “how will I ever handle two?”

Last night at my neighborhood girls bible study we were discussing  a study we are doing about idols, or things in our life that keep us from true belief or trusting in God. Last night the discussion was about the “gaps” we are currently experiencing in our lives that keep us from full trust in Him. So often I turn to my own resources when I hit despair. Lately my despair has been the overwhelming feeling of, “how do I do it all?” As women I think we so often feel an overwhelming pressure to “do it all” or at least I know I do. We discussed how so often we turn to our own resources instead of turning to Christ’s. My time with these girls is a wonderful encouragement and a reminder that it’s not by my own resources I can carry on but only through Christ.

So here I am finishing my coffee and feeling like today is a little more “doable.” In this super exciting time I am choosing today to let go of my anxiety and trust in His provision to accomplish much through me.

Well here it is… my jumbled nine month pregnant expression of where I am in life. I am full of excitement and also full of fear but trusting that through my belief everything is possible.

I am also thankful I have finished my coffee because… George has gotten into markers. George finding the markers means he will soon try to draw on himself or the things around him. So here is to keeping calm and drinking coffee….

~xoxo, Lindsey

How did you prepare for life with two children?


6 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Little George sounds absolutely darling! “It’s me George” …LOVE it! They are so precious! You will do just fine with handling both, although slightly overwhelmed in the beginning. I went from having one to having five. We were trying to get pregnant with our second when we took in four foster children, one of them being a four-month-old baby. We decided to wait to have another of our own, but it was too late! You just learn to do it, there really is no other choice! Just make George a huge part of helping with his new sibling…so he grows to love and adore them, instead of resenting them. Good luck!

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  2. Enough love is never an issue. Unfortunately, enough time is. Having children is a blessing because it helps us learn how to let go a little. Let go of the idea of perfection, doing it all, being there for every moment, and thinking that our kids are reflections of us instead of teaching them to be a reflection of God’s image. Each child will challenge you and help you grow in new ways. I personally have had to shift away from trying to be a “Pinterest family” and focus more on being like a Norman Rockwell family. Stressful days will happen and juggling schedules is a real thing, but soon George won’t run into your room. He will run into his brother’s room and you will wake up to them playing and laughing. He will read his brother a book and tell him not to touch the candle. It is every bit as tender and wonderful and baby #2 will adore it.

    Also, pray for Amazon Fresh to come to Montgomery. I did some online grocery shopping, but full-scale grocery delivery would be life changing. 🙂


  3. I’m sorry if this goes through twice. My computer froze! Just let go of the anxiety. I promise it will all work out! I felt the same way when I was expecting my second child, but my first child adjusted quickly and perfectly. Just remember that you are giving George a wonderful gift-the gift of a sibling. Best of luck to you!!!


  4. You are definitely closer to finding out what it means to have two babies than I am as I am two months away. I am not so much worried about loving them equally, I’m worried about just logistics and time and my level patience! My son requires so much of my time and attention so thinking about giving the similar
    Amount scares the heck out of me. But thankfully we are not alone as there have been millions of moms who’ve done it before so it sounds like we are in good company. Great reflection!


  5. Great article..I’m definitely worried about giving them similar amounts of attention and time! And just the logistics of two children! But it sounds like it’s bearable since many a mothers have done for centuries! Good luck!


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