Our Favorite Things: Chewbeads


While I was pregnant with my daughter (my second child), I went to lunch with some friends and noticed a really cool necklace a friend was wearing.  Her son, who was teething at the time, could not only play with her necklace, he could chew on it too.  I made a mental note that I wanted one of those necklaces with my next teething baby.  My daughter is now six months old and in the midst of teething.  I went to a local baby store recently (“All About Baby” for those in Huntsville), and found some adorable necklaces for chewing babies.

My daughter absolutely loves the chewbeads.  I love that they are so cute and practical at the same time.  They are one hundred percent silicon and completely safe for babies to chew.  Seriously, why didn’t I get this necklace when my son was a baby?



I also discovered that you can get chewbeads as a bracelet or even a pacifier clip.  Check out their website and all the different options they have.  Are they pretty or what?  So many colors…even if you don’t have a baby, they are just adorable.  I know this is a simple thing most moms probably know about, but I never even thought about them when my son was a baby.  So, of course, I had to share this for all of those who are out of the loop like me!

What is your new favorite baby product? Tell us!

~ Laura


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