The Best Chicken Soup

The Best Chicken Soup

Nothing goes with Fall evenings better then soup! There is something about the smell that fills the house and the warmth that fills your tummy! Growing up, my mom always made her chicken soup during the cooler months. It was a family favorite at the Bell house and has become a favorite at my own house. And just to make this soup even more wonderful, my two year old loves it as well. So go make your grocery list and add this to your weekly menu because I am confident it will be a new favorite at your house as well!


1 medium yellow onion

3 whole carrots

1/2 cup of butter

8 boneless skinless chicken thighs (or whatever kind of chicken meat you prefer)

18 oz. No Yolks Dumplings 

2 cups half/half



teaspoon paprika

dash cayenne pepper (optional) 

Step 1: Fill a large pot with salted water. Place on burner and bring to a boil.

Step 2: Add in chicken and turn to medium/low heat. Allow chicken to cook for 20 mins or until easy to shred.

Step 3: Grate carrots and chop onion.

Step 4: Melt butter in medium pan.

Step 5: Add carrots, onion, salt, and pepper. Step 6: Allow to cook down. Usually 10-15 mins on medium heat. Onion will become translucent.

Step 7: Remove chicken from water and allow to cool. Save the stock for soup.

Step 8: Finely chop chicken.

Step 9: Add back the chicken and the noodles to the stock. Season with salt and pepper along with the paprika and dash of cayenne (optional). Next add the carrot and onion mixture from the skillet. Allow this to simmer for 5 minutes on medium heat. 

Step 10: Add in the 2 cups of half/half. Stir. Allow to simmer for another 5 mins or until the noodles are fully cooked.


A great addition to this soup is to top it with grated cheddar cheese!

Seriously… add this to your weekly dinner plan and let us know what you think! We think it is The Best Chicken Soup!

~xoxo, Lindsey

As we begin our fall soup series, we would love to hear from our readers! What are your “go to” soup recipes?


2 thoughts on “The Best Chicken Soup

  1. That looks delicious! I have yet to find a go to chicken noodle soup recipe so I’m definitely going to try this one. Mine and Kyle’s favorite fall soup is Vegetarian West African Peanut Soup ( I made it for the first time last year and when I was preparing it I thought we were going to end up ordering pizza, but then we tried it and loved. it. This year when I make it I’m going to try it with spinach rather than collard greens. You seriously have to try it 🙂


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