My Hospital Bag Essentials

I reached 34 weeks on Thursday! This Pregnancy has truly flown by. As we prepare to welcome our new bundle of joy, I have started thinking about what I want to put in my hospital bag. With this being my second pregnancy, I have a specific list of things I will be bringing with me this time. The biggest question I get asked from first time expectant mother friends is, “what do I need to take to the hospital?” Honestly, we brought half of our house the first time. Haha, it is funny how little “stuff” you need when you are adjusting to life with a newborn. Here are the things I will be taking with me this time around!

My Hospital Bag Essentials

1. A great set of nursing pajamas! 

When I had my son, George, my mother bought me the best 3 piece set nursing pajamas from Motherhood Maternity. I fell in love with this set because it was very flattering to the post baby body and also very comfortable as I adjusted to nursing and recovering. This time around I ordered the empire waist nightgown and robe.

2. Nursing Bra

I learned about this bra from my sister! I totally forgot to take a nursing bra with me to the hospital the first time around. This bra was a lifesaver. My husband ended up having to run out and buy me the Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra. Since buying 3 of these, I have recommended it to several friends and they always say it is their favorite. I tried buying a few cheaper nursing bras, and I always come back to this one. It is super comfortable, washes well, and snaps easily!

3. Lanolin Cream

No one warned me that nursing would be tough (another post, another time). After getting home, we had a lactation consultant come to our house. She brought me a few samples of this cream. I liked it so much that I will be taking a full tube with me to the hospital this time around!

4. Swaddle Blankets

We received several of the Aden by Aden + Anais swaddle blankets with George. They are the perfect breathable swaddle blanket. It was so helpful to have a few at the hospital so the nurse could teach us how to swaddle with them!

5. Pillow and Blanket

When I asked my husband what he would want in our hospital bag for sure this time, this was his request. He spent our first night very cold and uncomfortable. We remembered to bring a blanket for me but forgot to bring a pillow and blanket for him! Poor guy…. this is a must for your partner!

6. Camera

I guess this goes without explanation…. a camera is a must. We purchased the Canon t3i before George’s birth. It is a user friendly camera and has served our family well. I take most of my blog pictures on it now! My sister also has this camera. This was a great investment as we started our family.

7. Boppy

You may have already heard of this, but I had not heard of one until my sister had my nephew. She used it all the time so I registered for one when I had my son. It was a wonderful accessory as I learned how to nurse my son. On those late nights when you are barely making it, this is super helpful! I got mine from target.

8. House Shoes

When I went to the hospital to have my son I wore sandals. I learned quickly the next day that I should have brought house shoes. I ended up having to walk around in my hospital socks. I purchased these house shoes from amazon two weeks ago. I love them already and they are top of my list on my hospital check list.

9. I Pad or Music Player

So I did not think through the waiting time between when you get to the hospital and when the baby actually makes their arrival. We ended up playing music on my husbands phone to help calm me and past the time. This go-round we will be bringing an IPad!

10. Two gowns or outfits for the baby.

You really only need a few outfits while you are at the hospital for the baby, one for when friends come by to see him/her and one for going home. We brought half of George’s newborn wardrobe the first time around. One or two would have been fine!

What are your hospital bag essentials? I am always looking for new baby products that friends love!


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