How to Make a Burlap Table Runner

Recently I hosted a dinner party for a neighborhood girls group I am a part of. Since moving into our new house, I have not had a good excuse to cure my love for entertaining and throw a dinner party. As I began to plan, I decided our porch table would be the perfect spot considering the weather has been lovely and I had space for all the girls around my outdoor table. I personally think there is no better way to share a meal then around a table. The meal was planned and the house was ready… what do I decide hours before the party I need? A great table runner to accent the porch table. A few weeks ago I was in a local shop looking at their table linens. They were selling an 8 foot burlap table runner for $79.99. First my outdoor table is 8 feet 6 inches so that size would not work. Second, that price did not fit either! So, with 5 hours till the party I head to Walmart to pick up the fabric I needed. I decided with my basic sewing skills this could not be that hard, right? What I found is it was super easy and the perfect affordable accent to my dinner party setting. I bought an ivory burlap and white lining from Walmart to make my runner.

Step 1: Measure your table and cut your fabric to fit. 

As I said before my table was 8 feet 6 inches long. I took my table length and added 14 more inches so that I would have the perfect amount of fabric to hang over the ends of the table. Also measure the width. My table is a little narrow so I made my width 16 inches.

Step 2: Line up the burlap and runner and pin. 


I pinned every 6-8 inches just to keep it lined up. The burlap can be hard to work with at times, it seemed to stretch during this process and I worried it might not appear even when I finished. This step was quite frustrating to the perfectionist in me… but trust me once it was sewn it looked great!


Haha, the countdown was on!! There was no way I could get this done while my son was awake, so I had to get it done during nap time!


Step 4: Sew each side of the runner length wise. Do not sew the ends so you can turn it inside out later to hem. 

Step 5: Remove the pins. Turn inside out and iron to crease the sides.

Step 6: Double fold the ends and pin.

I did not get a picture of this step, but I just double folded the ends 3/4 of an inch. I ironed mine down the best I could to make it easier for pinning.

Step 7: Sew the ends. 

There you have it, an easy and affordable burlap table runner. I made the whole runner for less then $20.00! This was the perfect addition to my table setting and I am sure it will be to yours as well.

~xoxo, Lindsey


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