Reasons To Visit The Beach In The Offseason


My husband and I arrived at the beach yesterday.  We are extremely lucky because my in-laws own condos in Orange Beach, Alabama on the gulf coast.  Because their condos typically stay rented in the summer months, we have found ourselves mostly going to the beach in the Fall and Spring.  We even spent Thanksgiving at the beach last year.  On our way down, my husband and I both agreed that we now prefer the beach offseason for travel.  Here is why:

The Weather



Yes, there are still hot moments in October, but overall the weather is not only bearable, it is quite nice.  With the highs this week in the low 80’s, we will still get plenty of sun.  However, it is nice to head out to dinner with weather in the 70’s.  It is so nice to be at the beach (especially the Southern gulf coast) when the sun isn’t unbearable or hitting temperatures in the 90’s.  Like I said, we even spent Thanksgiving at the beach last year and still had plenty of sunshine.

Less Crowding


One of the best parts about visiting the beach is the delicious seafood.  One of the worst parts about visiting the beach is the wait at all of the restaurants.  You may encounter a wait at a restaurant in October, but most of the time you are looking at 30 minutes compared to an hour or longer.  You may even find many restaurants with no wait.


The beach is also less crowded.  There is just a peaceful and laid back vibe when you are at the beach during the offseason.  You do not encounter crazy traffic, and you are looking at clearer beaches.  Once you get used to this, it is hard to go back to the crowded July beaches in 90 degree weather.

beach 2

Better Condo Pricing


Most condo rentals are more affordable during the offseason.  The demand is not as great, so you will have a better chance of getting that condo on the dates you want at the price you want.  We are the lucky ones with condos in the family, but we know many friends who wait until the offseason to go to the beach so they can get a better rate.


If you are looking for condos that are beautiful, well taken care of and have the best owners you can ask for, check out my in laws at Regency Isle and Shoalwater in Orange Beach, Alabama.

There are a few exceptions, such as Fall and Spring Break, but overall we have found the beach offseason to be a much better deal all around for our family.  We are currently enjoying the sunshine and relaxation!

~ Laura


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