Oxford, MS: Exploring Ole Miss

We both love the feel of a college campus in the Fall (as we have mentioned before), and Ole Miss has a reputation for having one of the prettiest campuses in the Southeastern Conference.  On game day, places like the grove are flooded with people.  As fun as that is, it makes it hard to see everything surrounding campus.

After two nights with the kiddos in a strange place, these mommas needed some coffee and pastries before exploring campus.  We hit the point on the trip where sugar and caffeine were a must!  We saw a cute bakery the day before right across from the church playground on a side street off of the square and decided to give it a try before heading to campus.



Boy, were we glad we gave Bottletree Bakery a try! Like Ajax, it was crowded (which we also took as a good sign).  This was such a cute place.  You could smell the yummy treats and fresh bread.  Going off of recommendations, we got chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin whoopie pies and the pecan pie pastry.  The cookies were amazing – soft and gooey, and the pumpkin whoopie pie was the perfect pastry for the Fall.  We highly recommend this place!  We just wish we had the room in our stomaches to try more! Did we mention we gained a pound or two on this trip?




With coffee in hand, we decided to try and explore campus, which was just a short drive down the road from the square.  We loved passing all the beautiful houses between the square and campus.  We did our best with small children to check out campus, but I am sure there are buildings we still missed.  Below is what we saw.





If you are a football fan, one of the nice things about Ole Miss is the easy access to the stadium.  We were able to take our boys right up to the gate and get a nice view of the stadium.  Our brothers even walked right in the stadium when they were hanging out in Oxford one night.


We finally checked out our favorite part of our campus tour.  In the middle of campus, there is an expanse of land called the grove.  On game days, the grove is crowded with tailgating tents, but on a regular day, it is a place of beauty and calm.


Right by the grove, there is a round area with sidewalks and trees surrounded by gorgeous buildings.





The Lyceum is that building you see on a college campus and automatically know it is the heart of campus.  After a closer look, we discovered that The Lyceum, which was completed in 1848, served as a hospital during the Civil War for confederate and union soldiers.  We also found out that it was the site of the entrance of the first African American student at Ole Miss during the Civil Rights movement.  It has the Southern charm one would expect from Ole Miss.


After coming back from our trip to Oxford, I watched the documentary on Netflix: The Ghosts of Ole Miss.  It talks about the Civil Rights movement in Mississippi and The Lyceum takes a center stage in the documentary.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand the history of Ole Miss.

After years of wanting to have a better view of Oxford and Ole Miss, we are so glad we took the journey.  You cannot visit downtown without visiting campus.  It is very pedestrian friendly, so I suggest you find some time to park and walk around. We loved strolling through Oxford.

~xoxo, Laura and Lindsey


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