A Day On The Square: Oxford, MS


Our brother recently moved to Mississippi.  He lives right outside of Oxford: the home of Ole Miss and a hub for Southern culture.  We have both been to Oxford on game day, but like many college towns, it never seemed like enough time to really explore.  So, during pre-school Fall break (yes, that is a thing that should be celebrated), we loaded up all three kids and hit the road to go visit our brother and have some fun exploring Oxford.

Babies in the back

Oh the stories we could tell about traveling with three under two.  Let’s just say that this was a long trip for these three.  Thank you Thomas the Train for saving the last two hours.  As hard as it can be, there is nothing like traveling with your sister.  We are both in the same place, and there is no judgment.  You have to learn to laugh at the things that happen.  It might be tough, but three kids and a pregnant momma aren’t stopping us from taking our adventures.  It might mean loading two pack’n plays and strollers, but hey, life is short.  Why not?

After arriving at Uncle Luke’s the night before and getting some much needed rest, we drove over to Oxford to spend some time in the famous square.  Oxford is known for having a quaint and thriving downtown.  We popped open the double stroller and infant stroller and took on Oxford.  Are we crazy? I think so!IMG_4421

We enjoyed shopping at the cute books and clothing stores.



The boys were starting to get a little restless from being in the stroller and shopping.


Luckily, right by downtown we discovered a beautiful old church and playground with an open gate.  It looked like something out of a movie.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better on this crisp Autumn morning.


The First Presbyterian Church in Oxford was built in the 1800’s, and it is gorgeous! We discovered on our second day that there are many old churches around downtown Oxford and this just happened to be one of them.



The boys took a much needed break on the playground, and Lyla got some love from Aunt Lindsey.


After some play time, we took a quick stroll over to eat at Ajax on the square.  A reader and friend of ours told us about this place when we asked for recommendations.  We turned the corner to walk up to Ajax and discovered a group of people already waiting outside of the restaurant for the minute it opened.  You know this is a good sign of what is to come.




We got the red beans and rice with cheese grits and fried eggplant.  Each meal came with jalapeño cornbread.


We also got the meatloaf with macaroni and cheese and fried okra.


After trying both based on recommendations from the locals, we have to say that both were absolutely delicious.  However, the meatloaf was amazing!  It might be the best meatloaf we have ever had.  Everything was tasty and Southern.  After a long morning with kids, this really hit the spot!  We also have to give a shout out to Ajax for being so accommodating to three small children.  By the end of lunch, our kids were done and made quite a scene.  We also made quite a scene trying to get the double stroller back through the then crowded restaurant.  The staff was so nice, as well as the locals eating their lunch.  So, if you are reading this Ajax, thank you!

After lunch, we took one more stroll around the square to take in the scenery.  Like I said (and many parents can relate), our kids were done at this point, so we enjoyed as much as we could before getting them in the car and heading back for nap time.  In the middle of the square is the old courthouse.  Around it are all kinds of shops and restaurants.  You could spend a whole day eating good food and taking in the shops around the square.  We both agreed that it somewhat reminded us of downtown Franklin.  We cannot tell you how impressed we were with the Southern charm and beauty of downtown Oxford.








We have to also give a shout out to the restaurant City Grocery on the square.  We have both eaten there before during our game day trips, and we had great experiences.  We recommend the shrimp and grits.

Come back tomorrow for Oxford day two.  Because of tired children, we came back the next day to start our day off with tasty treats from a local bakery.  We also took some time to explore the beautiful campus of Ole Miss.

~xoxo, Laura and Lindsey


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