5 Ways to Declutter Your Mom Life Today



We have officially been blogging four weeks! So far this has been a fun way for me and my sister to keep our creative juices flowing. While we often write about and celebrate things like travel and decorating our houses, the truth is at the core of us we are just moms. Most mornings we run to the coffee pot so we can keep our eyes open. We are juggling trying to parent our children, be good wives and maintain a household. While I wish my house looked clean and tidy everyday, the reality is most of the time I am dodging my son’s cars and toys at every turn.


A few weeks ago I decided I needed to implement a few things to help me be more productive with my days; essentially, I need a jump start to declutter my life! I laid in the bed thinking of the million things to be done. I decided to start small and just list things I knew I could accomplish everyday. So often I make this huge list of unrealistic expectations and I needed a list I felt confident I could get done.

Here is what I have been doing and let me tell you it has given me a huge jump start to being more productive and the clutter is starting to seem smaller.

First, Clean out my purse.

This may sound small to most of you but I feel like so often my purse is the hub for my life. While George was napping, I grabbed my purse and dumped the whole thing out on our dinning room table. I saw tons of old receipts, two diapers, trash, a half eaten apple sauce pouch, a pacifier, a couple of my sons toy cars etc. I decided to only put back my wallet, sunglasses, one tube of lipstick (I removed three that had been in there previously), and my 2015 planner. We take my son’s backpack everywhere with us for a reason… for HIS stuff. So all of his things went back into his bag and out of mine! This may sound small but it felt so good to stand in line at target and reach in my purse for my wallet and not have all of that junk in there!

Second, I cleaned out and washed the inside of my car. 

My car… another place that can seem to hold little pieces of my life. From old fast food cups to toys and trash, we are always on the go and the in and out of our car can cause a huge amount of clutter. I cleaned everything out and then preceded to Clorox Wipe cup holders, vacuum out the floor and my sons crumb ridden car seat, and Armor All the dash and inside door panels. Out of all the different things I tackled to jump start my productivity, I think the car might be what I have enjoyed the most. It reminded me how much I really do like my car, and it made our on-the-go so much more enjoyable now that it is clean.

Third, I decided I would make our bed everyday. 

www.strollthroughthesouth.comOf course, I would like to say I make my bed everyday, but if I am being honest it does not always happen. Nothing makes you feel like you have started your day quite like a neatly made bed. I just feel like it jump starts my day to automatically feel more productive.

Fourth, I tried to reset the house every night. 

www.strollthroughthesouth.com IMG_6642Often after a long day, the last thing I want to do is pick up toys after George goes to bed. I started doing this a few weeks back and I can honestly say this is the biggest thing that has made my day feel decluttered. It is hard enough to get going in the morning on a regular day, let alone when you see toys still on the floor from the night before and dirty dishes in the sink. I get that I cannot completely clean my house every night, but just getting the toys off the floor and making sure the kitchen is clean has gone a long way!

Fifth, I downloaded the Cozi App. 

I recently read about the Cozi App on another blog I follow. It is a family planning app that has helped our family get organized. I use the free version and my husband and I both have it loaded on our phones.  We mostly use the calendar and the shopping list. We created two separate lists one for Costco and one for the grocery store. It is so nice because I can add things for my husband to pick up on his way home from work and he can also add things he sees that we need.


What has helped you be a more productive mom/ declutter your life?

~xoxo, Lindsey


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Declutter Your Mom Life Today

  1. This is my favorite post you’ve done so far! I often feel like my life is always so cluttered ever since our little bundle of joy joined our family. I have started doing the quick clean up at night…just taking 5-10 minutes to put away toys, load the dishwasher, etc. so I wake up to a clean house. I’m definitely looking into the Cozi app! Thanks for the tips!


  2. Love this! I really need to clean out my purse and I will have to check out this app! I haven’t heard of it. It sounds like a great way to keep up with the family. 🙂


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