Fall, Oh Fall


The feeling of Fall is in the air. From the cooler mornings to the crisp leaves on the ground, the feeling of Fall is everywhere. In the south I guess our Fall season is relative. Yes, you may start out the day with a light sweater and be burning up by noon but nevertheless the season is upon us!


If you would have asked me several years back what my favorite season was, I would say Summer. Mostly because I was still a student and summer meant a break from school, carefree time with friends, and bikini weather.  If you ask me now what my favorite season is, I would say without missing a beat Fall. As a mother of an almost two year old and lets just say a few pounds heavier, I am more then happy to trade bathing suit weather for my favorite boots and over-sized sweaters.




In normal course of events I would say their is laundry to be done and floors to be mopped, but today I am going to light my favorite fall candle and cuddle up with a cup of coffee! It’s Fall y’all!


~xoxo, Lindsey

How are you guys enjoying the Fall season?


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