Thursday Book Review, The Royal We

Lindsey and I might be what you consider big British royal family fans.   For instance, maybe we sometimes re-watch the royal wedding.  Maybe we both ordered the Pippa Middleton party-planning book the minute it came out.  Maybe one of us has a Princess Diana collection of memorabilia.  Maybe we regularly stalk Kate Middleton blogs…okay, you get the picture.Kate Middleton

So, it is no surprise that I would be interested in a book titled The Royal We.  After having the book pop up on the books I may like on Amazon a million times and seeing our friend Logan ( post it to her summer reading list, I decided to give it a try.  Honestly, I was looking for any excuse to pick up this book.


When you first see the cover, you might assume that this is an actual book about Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Well, not quite, but it is pretty close.  This is a fictional book that one might say is inspired by William and Kate and closely resembles what we know about them.  It feels like the authors attempted to fill in the blanks about what we do not know about the royal couple with a fun story.  However, it is definitely fan fiction and many parts of the stories differ.

William and Kate

The main character, Bex, is from America and moves to England to study abroad at Oxford.  At Oxford, she lives down the hall from the Prince of Wales.  The book takes us from their initial friendship and dating all the way to their engagement, which spans the course of eight years (sound familiar?).

For any royal watchers, this book is a gift and pure fun!  I have no shame in saying that I couldn’t put it down.  The love story is sweet and believable.  I even teared up at the end.  What I loved about this book: the descriptions of Oxford, London, Windsor Castle and all the royal protocol.  I felt like I had a front row seat to the Royal Ascot races and other royal events.  It is obvious that some real research went into this book.  My favorite part was the beginning of the book where the characters fell in love.  The rest of the book deals with their relationship ups and downs (including a break up).  It keeps your attention and keeps you guessing their fate the whole time, even though you know how it ends.  

The Bex character feels real and relatable, and the scenes with her and Prince Nicholas really jump off of the pages because of their witty dialogue.  And, I cannot forget Prince Freddie (who is an obvious stand in for Prince Harry).  He is so funny and likeable.  His natural charisma makes you believe it is Harry himself.  You can’t help but laugh at his funny quips.  I couldn’t always picture Bex as Kate (maybe because we know so little about her), but I thought the princes seemed just like I pictured William and Harry in real life.

william and harry

What I did not like about this book: it does contain some language and way too many binge drinking scenes for my taste.  It also dragged a little right after the engagement.  However, it really did pick up at the end and left you on the edge of your seat throughout the last chapter.  This book is an easy read and a good time!

WARNING: If you are a royal fan, this book may cause you to go on a binge-watching spree of Youtube videos of William and Harry interviews to compare them with the interviews and characters in the book.  I even went back to watch the royal engagement interview.  Ok, please tell me I’m not the only one?

Check out our video book review of The Royal We on Youtube.

~ xoxo Laura

If you have read the The Royal We, let me know what you think!  Also, we are open to suggestions about what to read and talk about on the blog!


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