Our Favorite Things: Pacidoodle and Paci Clip & Keep


Right after I had my first child, my son Tays, I received a special gift from a family friend.  I got a package of pacis with his name on them.  I was instantly a fan! My sister and I have boys two months apart, and these Pacidoodles (as we learned they are called) made it easy to keep up with what paci went to what baby.  It also made it easy to keep up with his paci in the nursery at church and Mother’s Day Out.


Plus, let’s be honest, they are really cute! Who doesn’t want a monogrammed paci? So, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew I needed to order some more pacidoodles for her (this time they would be pink and white).  I also discovered you could order your pack of two paci’s and get them customized with different names.  My daughter’s name is Lyla.  Her middle name is Bell (my maiden name).  We call her Lyla, but we still toy with calling her Lyla Bell (can we be any more indecisive?).  My family has decided they are calling her Lyla Bell whether we choose to or not.  So, what’s a girl to do but get two pacidoodles: one with Lyla on it and one with Lyla Bell.

www.strollthroughthesouth.com IMG_3915

Like with my son, these are my favorite paci’s! We often get questions about where we found them.  By the way, you can also order them with initials, first and last name, or really anything on them that floats your boat.  


Just when I thought Lorri couldn’t get more creative, she recently came out with the Paci Clip & Keep. What is the Paci Clip & Keep?  Well, you know how you put your child’s paci on a clip, but somehow it still drags the ground and gets dirty?  Lorri has a solution to that too! When your baby/toddler is playing on the playground, riding in the grocery shopping cart, or crawling on the floor and that paci is not in use, you can now store it in their paci clip.  The material inside the bear is Antimicrobial technology, which doesn’t allow bacteria to grow.  It’s the only paci clip out there that protects your child from unwanted germs.


Is she a genius or what?  You can also order a Paci Clip & Keep any brand of paci your child prefers.  Now we are set with our Pacidoodles and Paci Clip & Keep.  I am so glad Lorri introduced us to her products two years ago! She is so easy to work with, not to mention an incredibly nice person.  For more information on these products, you can order from her Etsy page, or  you can follow Pacidoodle on instagram and facebook.  

~xoxo Laura

What are your favorite products for your baby?


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