Pasta with Spicy Red Sauce
Pasta with Spicy Red Sauce

Cooking has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you about the days where I used to make “Lindsey Surprise,” which was whatever I could find to throw into a casserole and top with cheese. In recent years my taste for food has become more refined.

Last night I was feeling inspired by the fresh basil growing in our yard. By most accounts I usually have very little luck keeping any kind of plant alive, yet alone a useful plant like basil, but this year I have had unexpected luck and we have enjoyed lots of tasty treats with our basil.  Which brings me to last nights dinner, Pasta with Spicy Red Sauce. I have been making this recipe for several years because it is simple and an affordable “go to” meal.


Half an onion diced

Two whole cloves garlic minced

1 28 oz can Italian Peeled Tomatos

Fresh Basil

Fresh Thyme

Fresh Oregano

Olive Oil

Red Chili Pepper

Salt and Pepper

Oh… and a few splashes of good white wine

Pour a couple tablespoons of olive oil into a large sauté pan.

When oil is heated, add the diced onion and both of the minced garlic cloves.


A great way to know when the onion and garlic is cooked is to look for a translucency in the onion.

When the onion and garlic are translucent add the can of tomatoes.


Aren’t those tomatoes beautiful? Worth ponying up a couple bucks more for the good whole tomatoes. I am all for store brand…. but you do not get that color red in the generic can.

Add Salt…


And pepper…


Two shakes of red chili flake… this is what gives the sauce heat so be careful with how much you add.

While the tomatoes begin to heat through on medium heat, begin prepping your fresh herbs.

I like to stack my basil leaves one on top of the other and then I roll them like a cigar. Now you can run your knife through them at an angle to get that great julienne cut without bruising your basil.

Then chop the oregano and thyme…



Add them to your simmering sauce.



And this is the part where I add a splash of white wine. What I am using is the Kirkland Brand Chardonnay from Costco. Great  affordable bottle to keep on hand for cooking or for drinking 🙂

Not sure if this is correct form but it is just how I have made this sauce in recent years. After making it with and without the wine I can say it adds a depth of flavor and helps break down and reduce the sauce.

Allow sauce to simmer on lower heat for 15 mins.


A great way to know when the sauce is ready is the whole tomatoes will break down. As you stir the sauce while it simmers give the tomatoes a good mash… it only helps the process along.


Toss with your favorite pasta. I used thin spaghetti.

Garnish with basil and fresh grated parmesan and serve.

Affordable and elegant Pasta with Red Spicy Sauce

Bon Appétit

xoxo~ Lindsey


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