The House on Park, The Living Room

Park House Living Room
We are movers. Over the last 5 years we have moved 4 cities and at least 6 houses. Most of our moves have been for my husband’s career. Moving can be tough, but it is a sacrifice that has greatly benefited our family and my husband’s growing career. Our moves are part of the reason we found the name “Stroll Through The South” so appropriate. We have been on a journey through several cities in the southeastern part of the United States. For my husband and me moving has been the driver of our personal growth. It has made us more adventurous, caused us to learn how to meet new people and make friends, and how to rely on each other with no family around.

Our latest move has returned us to the city where we both grew up. One of the biggest decisions you will make in a move is where you want to live once you arrive. Knowing that we would be here for a while we decided to buy a house. After looking and searching for a couple months we settled on a 1930’s bungalow in a historic area of town. While we really did try to convince ourselves that we wanted the newer construction, move in ready home, something about the character of older houses speaks to our soul. It’s the high ceilings, crown molding, hardwood floors, large windows, established trees… charm just does it for us. Also the community around our house was a big appeal. There is nothing I love more then walking out my front door and pushing our stroller to local restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, and boutiques within walking distance of our house. So onto our newest “fixer upper.” The house on Park Ave.

My first project has been decorating our living room. While other parts of our house needed larger scale work, this room only needed new wall paint and furnishings. We started by painting the walls French Canvas by Benjamin Moore.


The rug has made the last few moves with us. I like to call it “vintage Bell,”aka it is a hand-me-down from my parents. When we were looking at our house to buy it, I first fell in love with the marble fireplace. With that said, I felt to keep the fireplace in its correct position in the room it had to be surrounded with the right furnishings that complemented its fabulousness. Wing back chairs bring classic look to a room. They were a perfect addition to flank each side of our fire place. I found this set at a local flea market and simply had them recovered. The fabric is from Ballard Designs. The mirror came from my favorite online antique shop, Nichole Maleine French Antiques. The owner is a fabulous antique dealer who imports great antiques from Europe. Check him out! He ships all over the country!


The TV cabinet came from Ballard Designs. We are going through a slight Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train obsession. Having a small child, it was really important to me to be able to close of the TV.  I picked up the thatched chairs a few years back at a consignment sale!


So before you think I am crazy to have a white couch with a two year old, let me explain! We looked and looked for the right couch for our family. We finally settled on this slip covered couch. Yes the couch is white, but the best part about slipcover is being about to take it off and wash it. Not to mention because it is white you can bleach it! Any couch in our house is bound to get stuff on it from time to time; being able to wash it has been amazing! The coffee table is from One Kings Lane and the end tables are from the The Fabric House Nashville.


Lastly, we bought the oversized chair a little over a year ago from Home Decorators Collection. My husband would have preferred a recliner but I finally convinced him an oversized chair would go better with our look. Ladies, you know how that goes!  We started to look at larger chairs but most of what we saw in our price range was just not the look I wanted. This chair has become a favorite in our house!

So here is the living room so far. My next big project is finding curtains for the room. What is your favorite low cost curtain, with a high end look?

xoxo~ Lindsey

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9 thoughts on “The House on Park, The Living Room

  1. I loved this post! Thanks for sharing info and including the links! This has given me inspiration as I am working on plans for my new house. I love a white sofa but thought it impossible with two boys. Are the slip covers hard to get on and off or have you tried that yet? Did that company ship the sofa to you? Also, were your chairs recovered locally? I have a couch I would like to recover if I can find a good price! Sorry for all the questions. Maybe I will try to talk to you in person! Haha!


    1. Katie, Thank you for your comment!I must say I have washed the body portion of the slipcover once, and it was a little hard to get back on. I was able to get it back on though. I read a lot about how to properly wash it so it would not shrink! While I have only washed the body once, I have washed the cushions 3 times now and they are super super easy to get the covers off of! I did get the chairs upholstered locally. I felt think he was priced pretty reasonably. You can call him over the phone and give him dimensions and he will quote you what it will cost! (334-834-4339) Would love to get together sometime!


  2. As you well know, I’m kind of obsessed with your house! It is beautiful and you have done an amazing job decorating it and making it a home. I loved your first post! Your blog is beautiful! Can’t wait to read more!


  3. Gorgeous! And well written 🙂 now the important question….can I hire you? Ha. I definitely don’t have this gene. Love the pics. You did a beautiful job.


  4. Beautiful! What is the wall color? Also, I think you would achieve a better balance if you switched the two chairs by the fireplace with the two chairs by the oversized cabinet.


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