A new journey…

Welcome to Stroll Through The South, a lifestyle blog. This blog is a conversation

between sisters. Over the last two years we have both become stay-at-home moms.

We wake up in the morning to our (almost) two year olds yelling “mommy”, grab our

coffee, and typically call each other.

Two sisters who like to chat and try new things. Follow our blog at www.strollthroughthesouth.com

Through our new adventures as moms, wives, and women navigating this crazy journey

of life, those daily calls have become our support system. Our discussions include everything

from parenting and faith to politics and current events. We dream together about travel,

talk about new things we want to try, what we are cooking that night for dinner, and the

trial and error of parenting.  These are the conversations that keep us sane but also the

conversations that keep us sharp.


We are two southern sisters living in separate cities. This blog is a labor of love, a way

for us to stay connected, and a platform to share our experiences with other people. Join

us as we begin this journey of trying new things and talking about what we love.


Thank you for visiting our site. We love to make new friends!

Feel free to comment below and subscribe to follow our blogging journey.

Photography by: Rivers Sellers Photography


8 thoughts on “A new journey…

  1. What a great blog! You girl have always been absolutely precious and I love seeing your beautiful families an hearing your stories since our kids are all around the same ages.


  2. I lost one sister a little over a year ago. My other sister and I are the best of friends. My daughters are so close although they live thousands of miles apart. I am looking forward to reading about more sisters, especially ones who are Christians!

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